Dreams Can Come True

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Please scroll through to see pictures of our client couples, surrogates and the babies they worked hard to bring into the world. I hope they will inspire you on your own surrogacy journey, Best to you!
Here are a few of our Surrogacy Babies. Dreams can come true!

Thanks to the parents for their confidence in our service and thank you to the darling, good-hearted surrogates who changed their worlds.


Becoming a surrogate was one of the best decisions for our family, it had such a positive impact on all of us.  Even our young children felt honored to be a part of something so special and would proudly tell people that there are many ways to make a family.   We knew firsthand the heartache of infertility as we went through IVF and were blessed with twins on our first try (we know… lucky).  We also watched so many in our inner circle face the same heartache and sitting back not being able to help was gut wrenching.  This feeling of helplessness was what drove us to pursue surrogacy in hopes of being able to help others create a family.  Our experience was amazing and so rewarding watching not only a baby be born, but a family.  We were blessed to have developed a close bond with our intended parents that has continued to grow even after delivery.  Our hearts fill with joy when they send us pictures or updates.   During the pregnancy I was always asked “how are you going to feel giving her away?”.  That was always an easy question to answer, as we took on this endeavor knowing that she was never “ours” and one day she would be going home with two incredibly loving parents.  Of course you develop feelings after spending 9 months together, that’s just human nature in my opinion.  But there is a huge sense of comfort knowing that the baby is going home with parents who have longed for this moment.  My advice to anyone contemplating becoming a surrogate is to be confident in your decision and if you are in a relationship make sure your spouse is supportive as well.  My husband was incredible through the whole process and I believe that was a big part of what made the experience such a great one for our whole family.  Beyond that, be honest with yourself and intended parents with what kind of relationship you desire after delivery.  We absolutely love that we have gained an extended family!!  Enjoy your journey and take the path that’s best for all involved.  I often get asked “looking back would you do it again?” And the answer is 100% YES!!


Reflections on surrogacy

Before I went into the hospital, the yard was still green and rust under a warm November sun. Curtains of thick papery leaves shielded my field of vision from surrounding civilization and cushioned the sky. 
When I re-emerged from that strange sterile void where time and people disappear in a haze around the periphery, the yard had been stripped bare. Shades of brown and gray thrust upward, poking a still-gray sky and bringing about sad drips of precipitation, capsules of gray, too. 

If I were depressed, I imagine I would sync into empathy with this bereft, lifeless environment. When I went into the hospital, I ran warm with the effort of carrying about life. I was full, plumped-out, cushioning. Having re-emerged slenderer and stiffer, separated one soul from another, one might think that I, too, should be weeping. 
But I feel, rather, closer to euphoria. When I recall saying goodbye to the little boy I carried these nine months, my heart swells with happiness and my mind floods with images of all my own beloved family, laughing and playing with our little ones. In nine short months and a few hours of pain, I have helped give another family this source of unparalleled, life-long joy. This climax of fulfilled hope and effort has filled me with deep contentment.
And that is how I am doing. Physically? Also feeling pretty good.