Surrogate Mother Info

Dear Potential Surrogate Mother,

Thank you for contacting Parenting Partners! There have been an estimated 50,000 births via surrogate mothers in this country since the mid 1970’s. With infertility on the rise, more couples than ever are facing the prospect of a future without children. For some of these couples, surrogacy may be the only option for a biologically-related child.

Most couples who choose surrogacy have been married a number of years, have had extensive infertility treatment and do not already have children at home. Most surrogate mothers are married, have children, and a job or other means of support. The average surrogate is 25-35 yrs. of age.

If you are thinking about becoming a surrogate, start by talking it over with close family members and friends. It is important that you have support from those close to you.

Consider whether you would be comfortable with traditional or classic surrogacy via artificial insemination or gestational surrogacy via an embryo transfer. The first option involves using your own egg and the intended father’s sperm. With gestational surrogacy, one or more embryos will be transferred to you at an IVF clinic. These will be created using the eggs and sperm of the intended parents or one of the parents and a donated gamete. With this option, extensive medical preparation and management may be needed. There is also an increased chance of multiple births.

Consider also whether you would like to meet the intended parents and have an on-going relationship. If so, try to learn all you can about them and what their expectations are.

Before going ahead with any agreements or procedures, talk to knowledgeable people to find out what would be involved for you. For your protection, make sure all parties have psychological and medical screening (including full disease testing) and legal representation prior to any insemination or embryo transfers. Think hard about the risks if asked to do a home insemination. You’ll also want to consider what your wishes would be about procedures like amniocentesis, embryo reduction or abortion, if medically indicated. Make sure you and the prospective parents are in full agreement about these issues.. And you’ll want to be in agreement also, as to how much contact the parties will have before, during and after the pregnancy. This can be worked into your contract, so everyone is clear what was agreed to. Also please make sure that rights of guardianship have been covered in the event that the prospective parents divorce or pass away before the birth.

Also, consider if you would be able to travel for medical appointments and also to deliver the baby. And if you would be able to appear in court with the parents, if necessary, to help them obtain recognition as the baby’s parents.

You’ll also want expert legal guidance about contracts and/or compensation. You’ll need to know how the laws of your state may affect any agreement you wish to make. This is where an attorney with experience in surrogacy agreements is a necessity. Please be aware also that all IVF clinics require a signed contract between parties. For your safety, do not enter an arrangement without a signed contract.

If you meet the following criteria, please apply to Parenting Partners! We are always looking for moms with a big heart to help client couples.

1. Are 21-37 years old

2. Married or single with a stable lifestyle

3. Have given birth to one or more children and have had a great pregnancy history

4. Are a non-smoker and non-drinker

5. Have your own health plan or access to a private plan

6. Can get a health letter from your doctor

7. Can get your pregnancy and delivery records

8. Have reliable transportation

9. Are sincerely motivated to help a couple and are willing to do the work involved

10. Generous compensation ($30,000 – $40,000 +) based on experience

In return for your efforts, Parenting Partners will work hard to find you a great match, and there are no contracts to sign with our agency! You will receive all expenses paid (such as for travel, maternity clothes, childcare, and lost wages, as needed) and generous compensation ($30,000 ++) for your time, effort and help. Most of all, you will have the life-long gratitude of the parents and the satisfaction of knowing you have created a brand new family.

Parenting Partners would be glad to help you find a reliable couple to work with. Please click on our Surrogate Mother Application page, or contact us. If you are ready to go, so are we!