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About Our Surrogacy Agency

Parenting Partners, Inc. is a surrogacy agency located in Illinois offering information, education, matching and guidance to clients involved in surrogacy arrangements from beginning to end.

New! Parenting Partners is now offering consulting for independent arrangements.
Get detailed information about the steps to a successful arrangement. Help to arrange services (professional referrals, arranging escrow service, extra insurance, etc.) is also available.

New! Helping Families Grow

Please take a moment to read a wonderful article about our Director Shirley Zager, her journey via surrogacy, and her inspiration for starting Parenting Partners.

Our Director

Shirley Zager

Shirley Zager, who is also the volunteer Director of OPTS -The Organization of Parents Through Surrogacy, is the Director of Parenting Partners, Inc.. She is a parent through surrogacy and also a surrogacy educator, writer, speaker, legislative activist and advocate. These attributes as well as her background as a job recruiter and her contacts with many fine professionals in the field around the country, will enable clients to get the information, resources and support they will need to maximize their chances for success. Please follow this link to learn more about Shirley Zager.

Our Motto

Our motto at Parenting Partners is: "Partners To Parents." We feel that working together we can reach the goal of helping people become parents through surrogacy.

Need Help?

Are you an infertile couple or surrogate looking for a special match? Please email Shirley to find out if your "Parenting Partner" is already registered and waiting to hear from you! Traditional and gestational surrogates within IL should call (847) 782-0224.


Surrogate, Anne Renck, of Rockford, got some hometown recognition recently. She and her family were featured in a surrogacy story in the Rockford Register Star. Thanks to writer Georgette Braun for the lovely

The special Family issue of Real Simple Magazine (August, 2013) has stories about unconventional families.

Thanks to Julianne and Jayson Polad and their fabulous surrogate, Tammy Loutzenhiser, for participating in the issue. Congratulations to Julie and John Oakley, whose touching letter to the Ellen show resulted in a shower of gifts at Mothers Day and a tv appearance. They have since welcomed a beautiful son, compliments
of their darling surrogate, Caitie.




Our newest addition, "Jamie Lynn" surprised us by arriving early on February 6, 2014.
She's doing well but will need to grow a bit before she goes home.  She is surrounded by relatives and amazing nurses who are giving her lots of attention. 

Welcome Jamie
and congrats to her family!

Baby "Nick" finally arrived November 24, 2013, one week past due! At 8 lbs and 20 inches long, he is a first child for his parents, who
can't wait to take him home! Congratulations to them and their surrogate, who did an amazing job!

"Elizabeth Christine" arrived a bit early on November 11, 2013. At just under 5 lbs, she is getting some extra calories and extra cuddles! Her parents can't believe she is finally here!

Congratulations to them and their devoted surrogate, Candace.

Little "Edward" was born in the morning on September 20, 2013 He is a healthy 7 lbs 2 oz and is 19.5 inches long. He looks exactly like his big sister did when she was born. Edwards' parents are estatic!

The couple's devoted surrogate, Athena, is thrilled everything went well, just like the first

time. Athena is retiring as a surrogate but said she will always have a special bond with this
special family.

Congratulations to everyone!


Our newest addition is baby "Juliette," born Sept. 6, 2013. This little cutie checked in
at 7 lbs. 12 oz and measured 19 inches. Her parents said they don't want to put her down!
Congratulations to the family and happiness always!

Our newest bundle, "George Kamden" arrived June 28, 2013. He was a
8 lbs. 3 oz and measured 21 inches. He is a first child for his happy parents.

 Congratulations to them and their caring surrogate, Chelsea.

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